Give-away & update!

Help me reach 50 followers and you could win a manicure starter kit!!!

Once I reach 50 followers I will give away a kit that includes some of my favorite products!

The products include:

1 Cuticle remover cream
1 Cuticle pusher
1 Crystal nail file
1 Hand lotion
1 Base coat
1 Ridge filler
1 Quick dry top coat
and 1 Nail polish

This is approximately a $50 value!!!

This should help get you started to the getting the nails of your dreams. If you are already obsessed with nails like me, then it is just a fun addition to your nail care inventory.

Rules: Follow my blog. Once I get 50 followers I will post an update. To be entered into the drawing, you will have to leave a comment at that time. It’s that easy!

If your a blogger, feel free to mention the give-away on your blog!

Now for the update

Last week I mentioned a friend wanted me to do a manicure tutorial. I grabbed her some supplies along with my manicure instructions and sent her on her way. She promised to give herself some attention and start giving herself regular manicures.

So far it is looking promising. She did her nails yesterday and followed most of the instructions. (She forgot about the clean up – oops!)

I asked her a few questions to see what she thought.

How did you feel about the directions?
Directions were very clear.

How long did it take you?
It took me about 30 minutes I think. I was doing my feet and nails at the same time so I sat there awhile. The filing took the longest just need to practice on getting that right.

How did you feel about the manicure?
I love the manicure. I get so busy on the weekends or at night I don’t pay attention to my nails and then when I go to put on my rings and here at work I hated the way they looked. Today, I keep looking at my hands and it just feels good.

Do you feel motivated to keep it up?
Yes, I feel very motivated to keep it up because now I feel like I am working on the whole package. Loosing weight, keeping my nails done and hair – it just feels like I am getting it under control.

Are you happy with the results?

Very happy with the results, I even peeled an orange today and did not have a chip. I do plan on changing the polish every 3 days. I think that will help and I need to just make the time to do something nice for myself. It is well worth it.

Now for the most important question! What color are you wearing?
Something by OPI, I don’t know the name.

Oh newbies! We will transform her yet! I made her promise to text me the color when she gets home.

Here are some before and after pictures:

Before: Nails need some shaping, dry cuticles need some attention, some ridges, but overall she isn’t too bad.

After: Nails are evened out, cuticles are cleaned up. Looking good!

So how do you think she did? I think she did an amazing job!
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