Ashton Kutcher May Hate Valentine’s Day, But I Don’t!

It seems so many people hate Valentines Day now. It’s the new trend. After all it is a made up holiday that has been commercialized so we spend money. There isn’t even a Saint named Valentine! It’s all fabricated! Well, it might be fabricated, depending on who you talk to. The church says that he could be one of three Martyrs named Valentine and Valentinus.

But football is a game and we celebrate the Super bowl like it’s a holiday! How many guys (& girls) would DIE if they couldn’t watch the Super bowl in their team gear, drinking beer while eating chips, dip and chili? Isn’t that a commercialized day as well? There are TV shows dedicated to the “Best Super bowl Commercials”!!! And we all watch and talk about those commercials for days after the Super bowl! Now if that isn’t commercialization – I don’t know what is! I’m just sayin’!

OK, OK so the two do not go hand in hand. But maybe I am biased because I love getting spoiled. My hubby doesn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to show me he loves me. He shows me all the time. But I like the sappy, commercialized roses and chocolates, and cards. I love getting his cards the best. I am the worst at expressing my feelings, my cards usually say something like: “You Rock! I love you!” while his are deep and eloquently written. What girl wouldn’t like getting that at least once a year?

What I like the best about Valentine’s Day though is that he takes the time to get something for our three daughters. Every year we remember them too. Not only will our girls grow up knowing how special they are to us, but they will accept nothing less of the men they choose to spend their lives with. What is so wrong with that?

So for all the haters out there, I love you anyway!

Here is a nice, bright early Valentine’s Day manicure. I received this polish as an extra in a swap recently! How sweet and loving is that? And it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day!

Zoya Lola in direct sunlight

Zoya Lola inside

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