Sephora by OPI Metro Chic vs Rimmel Steel Grey

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic is one of my favorite polishes. The color, application and durability of this one is flawless. This is one of the few colors I buy a backup for. At $9 a bottle it isn’t the most expensive polish, but it certainly isn’t drugstore cheap either.

The other day while at the drugstore a polish by Rimmel caught my eye. The name of this color is Steel Gray. I was immediately drawn to this color, knowing that is had to be an exact dupe to Metro Chic. At $3.99 how could I not grab this polish?

I set about doing a comparison and sure enough both colors are EXACTLY the same color. I then wanted to test the quality. Would I be able to wear both for 5 days and experience more or less the same type of wear out of the cheaper polish as the more expensive polish? The result is a resounding YES! So for $3.99 Rimmel wins!

The two polishes together (indirect sunlight)

Side view (inside)

For a side by side comparison on the nails, here I have Rimmel Steel Gray on the Index and Ring finger and Sephora by OPI Metro Chic on the Middle and Pinky finger. (Direct sunlight)

Sephora by OPI in indirect sunlight

Rimmel Steel Gray in indirect sunlight

Sephora by OPI (inside) after 6 days of wear

Rimmel Steel Gray (inside) after 6 days of wear. (As you can see it is time for my weekly manicure)

My friend loved this polish so much, she had to have it. I bought her a bottle for her birthday today! Happy Birthday to you….

Here is what it looks like on you porcelain beauties. (This was two quick coats before the workday started. We probably should have gone with one more coat.)

Horrible picture for color accuracy. It is a dreary day outside so this is inside. But that ring is so cool I had to include this picture!

On a side note, Sally Hansen Commander in Chic is also the same exact color. I opened the polish at the store and it looks exactly the same as the two on my hands. I wasn’t about to buy that one to compare though, since I refuse to spend $7.50 for Sally Hansen. It just seems a bit much for a drugstore brand. If we start paying that price, it won’t be long before other affordable brands follow suit. So I am just not touching it no matter how cool the colors look. Now if someone were to gift one to me however, I would so rock those colors! HA!

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One Response to Sephora by OPI Metro Chic vs Rimmel Steel Grey

  1. Anonymous says:

    then get the rimmel version augusta, geeez use a brain!

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