Get the NYFW Nail Looks With What You Already Have

First – My L’Oreal Star Magnet Fail! I mean big time! I was so bummed! The magnet has demagnetized! WHAAA! Seriously! Come on! So I grabbed some other magnets I had available of varying strengths and sizes. Well too strong a magnet pools all the color to one side of the nail like a black blob. A tiny not too strong magnet gave me some inconsistent lines. I am going to play around with this one a little more ans see if there are any other ways I can make this work. Here is a quick snapshot of what I ended up with.

Now on to NY Fashion week. I spent some time this weekend looking at the nail fashion of NY Fashion Week. (online of course, since I am not one of the lucky few who gets to attend these amazing events) Of course I checked out the fashion as well, but I really wanted to see what we had to look forward to for fall nails. Yes I know we haven’t even hit spring yet, but I still couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us.

Overall I have to say I only saw a few really amazing things, like the CND nails at the Ruffian show, but those are metallic tips that were then partially painted to show a metallic crescent at the base of the nail and the rest of the nail was matte black. I can’t wait to re-create this look with polish. Cushie et Ochs’s had black polish with metal shrapnel looking designs on the nails, which I envision replicating with polish and foil. Then there was Luca Luca with Black on Bottom and Red on top. I can’t wait to see more reviews, I am hoping I missed some more amazingness.

Now for those looks that I think I could re-create at home with what I had. They may not be exact matches, but close enough to me for now. Of course I think some of these polishes will be making their way to my collection anyway.

DKNY featured KnockOut Nails in Pool, Concrete, Plaster and a yet to be released color called Sher. Both Pool & Sher were adjusted for a more blue look for pool and a more peach look for Sher. Here is my take on these with what I already own.

Here I used OPI No Room For the Blues. Pool seems to be more of a baby blue color, but since the look for the runway show was adjusted for a more blue look, I came up with this for my version. I layered this with CHg Matte Magic top coat.
For the Grey, I used RBL Stormy layered with Nubar’s For Men Matte Top Coat.

Here I used RBL Square Pants and Starfish Patrick with Nubar’s For Men Matte top coat.

Thakoon, Behnaz Sarafpour, Adam Lippes & More continued with the Mannequin hand trend, some even mattifying the color. For me to get manniquin hands I had to layer OPI Dulce de Leche with 1 coat of Nubar Nudite on top. Then to mattify I used CHg Matte Magic top coat.

Peter Som featured Zoya Charity – which I will definitely be getting, however here I frankened a polish using 1/2 RBL Stormy and 1/2 Ulta Devious. I am LOVING this franken too. Maybe because I have a thing for purples?

There were some more looks I haven’t covered here, so look for a part II to this one soon.

By the way as I write this, I am at 48 followers! Wow in 2 weeks – not bad! (I think). That means the contest will be starting real soon! Keep your eyes peeled for entry details! I hope you are all enjoying my blog. Feel free to email me your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on making this blog better. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you over the last two weeks and look forward to getting to know many more of you in the future.

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