Isadora Galaxy

I have a lot of polishes I want to show you all this week including the Ulta’s I bought last weekend, but I recently purchased some Isadora polishes and they arrived last night. Looking at the colors in the bottle, some were awe inspiring, others I was just meh about. One just kept calling to me so I had to do a quick manicure change.

I tend to change my manicure once or twice a week. People are always noticing the change. I get comments all the time that range from, Do you match you polish to your outfit? (I don’t) Do you change your polish everyday? (No) How much polish do you own? (more than you want to know). But rarely does a color actually illicit a compliment. Today I have received 5 already! Two from guys, which is rare. One of the guys told me it was a HOT color and then told someone else how hot the color was. So instead of waiting to post all the Isadora polishes together and instead of posting the Ulta swatches I want to show you, I am skipping ahead to Isadora Galaxy today.

This color is a pastel metallic purple color that changes to a very light almost silver pink or a vibrant almost hot pink depending on the lighting. It is very metallic looking. I can’t stop looking at my nails with this one! Apparently neither can anyone else. Here are some pictures taken in different lighting situations. The first picture is exact to what you see in the bottle, but since most of my time is inside in artificial light, it looks mainly pink. I couldn’t capture the exact pink, but the last 2 pictures are a combo of what I see indoors. Application on this one was amazing by the way. No VNL with one coat. This is 2 coats.



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