Give-Away & Chanel Kaleidoscope Comparison

Happy Monday! I went shopping today for the manicure kit for the give-away. I got some really great items! I still haven’t settled on a polish, and am running out of time. I went to a store that sells a lot of older polishes hoping to score a nice old hard to find OPI in a purple. No luck! I looked at Sally’s, but thought everyone has access to most of these polishes, so changed my mind there. I have some Isadora polishes that I still need to swatch, and I have 2 of each of these. I got extra as a planned give-away. (I am a planner, so I already planned future give-aways.) So since I swatched Isadora Galaxy already I thought maybe that would be the purple I give away with the manicure kit. But it just doesn’t seem like the right color to go with this kit. I’ll have to think about it some more. But I only have 2 more days! Yikes! I’ll look some more tomorrow.
Anyway here is what I have so far:
I grabbed this California Mango kit at Sally’s today. I love their lotion and Mango Mend, so thought this would be perfect. It includes the following: 
Hand & body lotion 
Extreme crème
Buff exfoliant 
Cuticle remover
Mango Mend 
Cuticle oil 
and a carrying case. 

Then I grabbed some Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat and the Beauty Supply Ridge Filler & Base Coat. The base coat is a moisturizing base coat, which is great if you experience splitting or peeling and I swear by this unassuming little ridge filler. I haven’t actually tried this base coat yet, but I got one for myself to try. I figure if I love the ridge filler, I will love the base coat. Here’s to hoping!
I also grabbed a Swissco Crystal File and a metal cuticle pusher. 

Here’s a pic of what I have so far:

Now for the comparison. I first saw Chanel Kaleidoscope on another bloggers site. I instantly knew I HAD TO HAVE this color. By the time I saw it – it was too late, it was already sold out everywhere. So I tried to memorize the color and started looking for alternatives to the Chanel. First I bought Essie Steel-ing the Scene. This one looked great when I tried it, but it was super smooth & metallic. Not exactly what I was looking for. Next I grabbed Nubar Candy Apple. I knew this one was too glittery, but I thought I could layer it over the Essie and get the look. Now I have to admit – this is one of my all time favorite colors! It is amazing, I layer it over everything! I love the way it seems to transform my nails and make them appear thinner and longer. I can’t explain it – but I love it – still not Kaleidoscope though! Next came a Sally Hansen Prism I came across in a dollar store. I LOVE this one as well. But again for layering. It is holographic which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! In the bottle, this one is the closest to Kaleidoscope – but not so much on the nail. Finally I was able to obtain my Chanel Kaleidoscope – IN A SWAP!!!! How cool is that? It lived up to the hype and is everything I thought it would be. I love this polish, I love everything about it, the color, the subtle shimmer everything. But after doing these swatches, I think I may need to layer the Prism over the Kaleidoscope. Now that I bet would be amazing!

Here they are side by side in the bottle:

Pinky to Index: Nubar Candy Apple, Essie Steel-ing the Scene, Chanel Kaleidoscope, Sally Hansen Prisms Diamond. This picture is without flash. See how different from one another they are? I still love all these colors, but for different reasons. 

Here the colors are with flash. Here you can really see the difference in each polish! See the holo goodness of the SH Prism Diamond. WOW!

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