Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great day! My head is pounding right now. So since my head is pounding, I will keep it short & sweet. Exactly a week from today is the move date. Yeah! I can’t wait! Other than that – things are just plain ol’ busy! Just a few days after the move my husband has to go away for two weeks! Go military! 

Oh it is going to be a fun night – pounding head, no ladies night out as a result and a daughter crying because she can’t think of a good sentence for her vocabulary lesson. She’s a straight A student and a bit of a perfectionist. I wonder where she gets that from? not me! 😉 Can you tell my mind is all over the place tonight? Terrible!

Today I have another comparison for you. Since this move is taking up so much of my cash, I decided I needed some green somewhere. I love green polish. It is not a color I would have thought I would love on my nails, but I really do love the greens. Here are the greens I am comparing.

L to R: RBL Recycle, Illamasqua Rampage, Orly Enchanted Forest, RBL Orbis Non Sufficit

While I have them all pictured and swatched together, the reality is I was comparing RBL Recycle & Illamsqua Rampage against each other and Orly Enchanted Forest against RBL Orbis Non Sufficit (ONS). 

L to R:  RBL Orbis Non Sufficit, Orly Enchanted Forest, Illamsqua Rampage, RBL Recycle

The above picture was taken outside in direct sunlight. ONS is the lightest of the bunch, almost like a chalkboard kind of color. Rampage looks the darkest coming in a shade darker than Recycle – there really isn’t much of a difference between the two. Enchanted Forest could be the love child of Rampage and ONS. It is like a grayed out dark green. I held off on getting this green for so long, then it sat in my untrieds just as long, but I really love this color! The colors here are pretty true to color for me. But sometimes when I am inside the artificial light makes them look a bit lighter.

So you could see the true differences, I took a picture inside with flash. See how Chalkboard green ONS is? I think Enchanted Forest carries that same effect just a bit more grayed out. Here it looks like rampage and Recycle have an opposite effect as they do outside. Here Recycle looks a shade darker. I think it definitely offers more coverage than Rampage, so this could be why.

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