100 Follower Give-Away!

It seems like just this morning I sent out the 50 follower give-away prize! (It was!) And here I am about to do a 100 follower give-away! WOW! So here is the deal, if some time during this give-away I reach 150 followers, I will add a second prize into the mix, if somehow during this give-away I reach 200 followers, I will add a third prize to this give-away. Sound good? 

So here is what I will be giving away for the 100 follower give-away.

These are some Isadora polishes I purchased recently. I purchased 2 of each of these. So the ones you receive will be brand new.

From L to R: 621 Diamond Blue, 613 Lac Beige, 630 Sweet Violet & 65 Smokey Grey

I’ll post some swatches of these below, but first the rules of the give-away:

Same as before – You must be a follower. Post a comment below with your email address and you get an extra entry for tweeting about it, or posting about the give-away on your blog. It is open to everyone including internationally.  The contest will end on Monday March 15th at 11:59PM EST.

Now for some swatches. These are the Isadora’s from the give-away. you’ll have to excuse my hands in these pictures. I had been packing the entire day before taking these. I did my swatching & then gave myself a proper manicure.

This is Diamond Blue. This has a silver/blue sheen to it. I think this one would look great on someone with pale skin, on me it is just bleh!

This is Lac Beige. This is a nuetral creme color. I really like this one, it adds a bit more color than manniquin hands, but is still light. 

This is one of my favorites! This is Sweet Violet. This is a nice shimmery metallic purple. Very vivid. 

This is a dark grey. Almost with a tinge of blue to it. Another favorite. I love grey polishes!

What do you think of these colors?
I have updated the give-away and added a second prize for reaching 150 followers!

Here is the updated 1st prize:

L to R: Essence Go Wild, LA Splash Sparkling Angel, Isadora Diamond Blue, Sweet Violet, Lac Beige & Smoky Grey, Zoya Adina & Essence Everybody’s Talking About.
Second Prize:
L to R: Rimmel Steel Grey, Essence Go Wild & Everybody’s Talking About, Isadora Galaxy & Sapphire, and un-named Goldie & ULTA Sunny Romance of St Tropez
SO what do you all think of the additions? Good Luck everyone!
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