Got the Keys to The New Place!

Yippee! So with all this move talk should I post pics of the new place? If you all want to see I may post some once we are unpacked.

So since I have a ton to do, I just wanted to post a really quick pic of one of the new Zoya’s from the Reverie collection. 

This one is Gwin. It is a bright orange polish. I am having a love/hate relationship with this color. It is so vivid and the shimmer coming through is awesome. But I feel the orange needs to have some kind of pink or brown undertone to it. As it is, it is like a bright pumpkin orange. This was actually my manicure for the week, but I had to change, I just couldn’t wear it another day. I had used a base coat and it still stained my nails! So pissed about that one! I had to soak and buff and then put strengthener on my nails just to remove some of the staining. But the color is still captivating, but I think this will become a pedicure color. I just don’t think I can wear it on my hands.

This was taken in natural but not direct light. It looks so pretty here, but inside under fluorescent lighting it is pure orange and since I spend most of my day inside for work, I have to love the color inside. But see how pretty it can look?

Look at the shimmer! I love the flash in this one. This is what it looks like inside, just not as flashy. This is the orange color that bugs me. But it is still so pretty. See what I mean? Love/Hate! 

Why can’t it just always look like this? Perfect! Oh well, I will enjoy this one on pedicures instead.

I am wearing Zoya Happi today. I took pictures, and when I have a bit more time I will post that one. I am hoping to swatch the rest of the collection this weekend.

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