Sitting Waiting on the Cable Guy

I am anxiously awaiting for Juan to get back home from this TDY. Only a week and a half left to go. I swear everything happens while he is gone. I slept like crap, then had to rush the kids to get ready so I could get them to school on time. Found out the sick kid has strep. Third try at getting the cable to work in the new place. Yup third visit from the cable guy since Friday! I got to work to a stack of mail on my desk, which just usually means more work. My office is so small and this time of year – it just looks a mess! We are having our open enrollment benefit meetings coming up, which means that our employees get to review their benefit options for the upcoming year and make any changes they want. This means tons of paperwork, fliers, brochures, benefit summaries, etc all residing in my office until the actual meeting day. Not to mention we have some other fun stuff going on which is more stuff residing in my ever shrinking office. I swear my office is the size of a closet, and if you add even a binder to it, it is overwhelming. 

But there on my desk, waiting for me in all the madness was this box


I am joria2006 over on MUA and I decided to try to have some fun with the swaps. I put some polishes up for swap and I would abide by all swap rules, and in return the person on the other end had to send me what they thought would be a good swap for what they received. I was a bit nervous on getting screwed in this deal, but thought what the heck – that would be bad Karma on the other person if they screwed me over, so I was not going to worry about that. 

Well the first one I indeed did get “screwed” on.  I sent a swapper $OPI Underwater Fantasy & Mac Peppermint Patty. In return I got a black Sally Hansen, that when I went to use was a glob at the bottom of the bottle and practically empty, a sinful green and a Bijou Crystal. The green was nice as was the Bijou crystal – but seriously – does that even compare to what I sent? I was nice and thanked the person for the swap – but that made me rethink this swap surprise I was doing. But I said I was going to do this with 10 polishes, so I am going to do this with 10 polishes, no ifs ands or buts. I am a person of my word, and even though the word was only to myself, I still want to keep it. I figure it still could turn out fun. Besides I didn’t want to let one bad experience spoil the whole thing. Maybe this person really felt these items were worthy, maybe she didn’t know the black SH was empty. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt – she was super nice and sent super fast after all.

So the next swap came and it was for RBL Dead Calm & $OPI Caffeine Fix. And that is where the box above comes in! Wait til you see what was in that box! OH MY GOODNESS! It was like Christmas at work! I felt like a kid in a candy store! Each individually wrapped polish just a cool as the one before and it was like a limitless supply of polishes! And there were goodies in there too! Check it out!
Look at all those polishes? There is a Shu Uemura in there that is to die for, an amazing blue gray NYX,  a Sweet Georgia Brown blue, a Pro Nail Enamel in a Tangerine color, it goes on and on…. There was also a Zoya PIA in there, but I gave that to a friend at work. She would look great in that color, it is a bright spring orange – so pretty and when she fell for it, I knew she had to have it. It will look amazing on her. Of course I told her she could have it because the name was meant for her: P.I.A. but truthfully she is the furthest from that. I love working with her! I wish everyone was as nice as her, so the Zoya is all hers. 

Anyway  is this not the best thing to come to work to? This MUAer made my day! You know who you are – thank you! 

So you can all look for swatches of these in the near future, but for today how about another swatch from the Zoya Reverie collection?

This is Laney. It is a washed out silver slightly metallic color. It is almost a cross between silver and a white/gray color. Oh the VPL’s with this one. So pretty in the bottle – but soo not my style. I don’t think I will be wearing this one again.

Just had to double check. Nope not wearing this one again!


Wow! 144 Followers! That means if I get 6 more followers by the 15th, I will be adding a 2nd prize to my give-away. I already have a few ideas, how exciting! So if you haven’t entered yet, make sure you enter since your chances may just be increasing. And if you haven’t tweeted, blogged or otherwise mentioned my blog out there – you still have time! Thanks for reading! 

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