Foil Manicure & Give-Away Update

It’s a late post night for me. I am just now getting home for the evening. We left the house this morning before 7am and got home after 10pm. Talk about a long day. But after work I wanted to go grab some polishes for the 2nd place to the give-away, and since I had the kids with me, we ran a few other errands and stopped at the movies on the way home. Phew! Could we have fit anything else into the night?

Well I grabbed some stuff for the giveaway and for the past few months I have been grabbing some stuff here and there and so I put everything for my give-aways together and didn’t realize how much I really had set aside for giveaways. So I decided to enhance the 1st place prize as well. After all this I still have enough for another 2 give-aways in the future. WOW! 

So here is the updated 1st prize:

I added in 4 more polishes. L to R: Essence Go Wild, LA Splash Sparkling Angel, Isadora Diamond Blue, Sweet Violet, Lac Biege & Smokey Grey, Zoya Adina & Essence Everybody’s Talking About.

Now for the second prize:

L to R: Rimmel Steel Grey, Essence Go Wild & Everybody’s Talking About, Isadora Galaxy & Sapphire, Goldie un-named color & ULTA Sunny Romance of San Tropez Mini

So what do you all think of my choices?  I will update the Give-Away page with the new prizes. 

In the mean time, time is running out to enter. You have until Monday March 15th at 11:59 EST to enter. I will announce the winners sometime on Monday. If by some miracle I get to 200 followers by then, I will add a third prize!

If you haven’t entered: CLICK HERE

Now for my Foil Fun

I was bored last night and decided to mess around with some foils. I already had RBL Stormy on, so I left that alone. I wanted to see about mixing up some silver & purple foil in a somewhat deconstructed pattern to see what kind of effect I would get. Here is what I ended up with.

I think it came out pretty cool. Everyone thought I had fake nails on today, so not sure if that is a compliment or not. What do you think? 

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