I Got it Going On!

With all the amazing colors around me, the flowers blooming, the sky so blue, the leaves taking shape for the spring, you would think I would have some bright amazing spring color on. But nope – I am in a neutral nail kind of mood. So I started the week with Color Club Best Dressed List. This is a neutral brown with a pink base. I would have never guessed that the base was pink until it kept coming up in my pictures. But perhaps that is why I think it looks good on me?

But when I came home from work yesterday, an order from Transdesign was waiting for me with some new (to me) Color Clubs. I grabbed a few of their holographic colors. One of them is Love em’ Leave em’. The base of this color is almost an exact match to Best Dressed List, just with a lot of holo goodness added to it. 

I wanted to play with my new polishes, but when I walked in the door, the family wanted to go to the beach. So after a long day at the office – we hit the beach. After an evening at the beach,  I didn’t really want to play anymore, but I couldn’t not play either. So I grabbed Love Em’ Leave Em’ and layered it over my existing Best Dressed List Mani. (This should be fun to remove!) This color is pretty opaque and probably doesn’t need to be layered – but I did anyway.

 The first photo is the color accurate photo. The second photo shows the holo goodness of this color. I am LOVING this mani. I am still neutral and I would totally wear this in a neutral work environment – but it really has it going on! I can’t wait to try my other Color Club Holo polishes now! 

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