I’ll be offline for a few days

I’ll be off line for a few days. I don’t want to put all my family business out there just yet, but I will let you all know what I can for now. My dad is in the hospital right now, it looks like he may have had a stroke, we really aren’t 100% sure yet. I am far from home and just secured a ticket to go be with him and my family right now. I am staying positive and hopefully I will just be home for a few days helping out and taking his stubborn behind to his doctors appointments. Right now everything seems positive that he will be OK, but my brother still thinks I should come home and I agree. Hubby and the kids will stay behind for this visit. Since right now I am just sitting here, as I can’t do much else, I am scheduling just pics to post for the next few days until I can come online. If I can post updates, I surely will. I guess it’s a good thing I did all that swatching on Friday!

Color Club Wild at Heart
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