A Bangin’ Comparison

I have been wanting to do this comparison for over a week now. There are some dupes for Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin. Are you surprised? It’s pretty hard to create a unique red, so obviously it was just a matter of time before we figured out the dupes for this color. While the other formulas are good they still can’t quite compare to the one coat opaqueness of an RBL. But for those of you on a budget looking for a dupe – I have some great alternatives for you.

Here is the cast of characters up for comparison

L to R: Essie Lacquered Up($8), Revlon Red Hot Tamale($4.29), Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin($18) & Essence Ready for Action($1)

Here they are on my new nubbins. Excuse the messy cuticles, I may be back home, but I am just not in the mood for a mani. I am sure that will change as the weekend continues, but for now I just felt like cutting them down and leaving them alone. I couldn’t make myself do much more. In person you can’t see that my cuticles look this bad. I think it’s just because I can’t figure out what color I want to wear. But after seeing this picture – I think I will go give myself that mani after all.

L to R: Essence Ready for Action(pinky), Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin, Revlon Red Hot Tamale, Essie Lacquered Up.

Overall Essence Ready for Action is the only one that isn’t an exact match. It is just a tad more orange than RBL Bangin. Essie Lacquered Up and Revlon Red Hot Tamale seem to be a dupe.

Here is a close up of the 4 colors together. This close you really can’t tell the difference.

                                      Essie Lacquered Up                 Revlon Red Hot Tamale

                                 Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin    Essence Ready for Action

I would say that Essie Lacquered Up is the closest dupe from this close. All in all though any one of these colors will give you the same effect. So for a mere $18 you can have 18 Essence colors or 1 RBL. The choice is yours.

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