My Nails are Ultra Short Now

I haven’t had my nails this short in a long time. But this is what happens when I neglect my hands. With my dad going to the hospital and me flying home at the last minute, I didn’t take my vitamins for almost a week. I didn’t lotion up like I normally do and I didn’t have any cuticle treatments with me. I packed quickly without much concern for my hands at all. While in MA I tore 2 nails. I think my nails just got so dry, they couldn’t bend or flex like they normally should. I patched them up but when I got home I decided to just cut them all. I just wasn’t in the mood to maintain them. Here are my new super short  nails.

Instantly I regretted cutting my nails. But I figure they grow back so it really isn’t that bad. I gave myself a proper manicure today and put on a light color. In upcoming posts you will notice my nails at various lengths. I had already swatched some colors I haven’t posted yet. But for the most part, you will all be following the growth of my nails. 

After giving myself a proper manicure, I put on a color from Chi Nail Lacquer. I grabbed this color on clearance at Ulta. It was the last one they had, and unfortunately the name was ripped off the label. I have no idea what the name of this color is now. I tried looking online with no luck. If you know the name of this color I would love to know!

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