Purple Passion?

This week has been insane – I don’t know where it went! It has flown by so quickly, I have been so busy at work trying to catch up. Each day I go in and think today is the day I get this all caught up and can clean my desk. Nine hours later I am looking up and can’t believe the day has ended already and I am still not caught up! I am not truly behind – but when I get the previous days work done and mix in the daily things that pop up – then next day I have to catch up the previous days! UGH! I am thinking I may have to put another Saturday in at the office! Not to mention I am taking Monday off for my daughters field trip. Oh boy! Field trips – that is another story in itself! I love sharing these trips with my kids and their classmates – but they exhaust me. I don’t know how teachers do it everyday! I have such a respect for anyone who chooses teaching as a profession. How do they do it? I digress, only one more day before the weekend after today! WAHOO!

After work yesterday I went out with a friend from work and afterwards we hit Sally’s. They have all their polish on sale for buy 2 get 1 free. Dare I say there were very few polishes that I felt inspired to buy? I did! But I did need to get some more polish remover and Nail Magic and not to pass up a good sale I did grab 3 polishes. One of which I thought the color would be stunning! I couldn’t wait to put it on!

It is a Pro 10 polish called Purple Xing. I have never really been impressed with the formula of Pro 10, so not sure why I gave in and bought this one. this one also had crap formula! It was a chunky glitter. Now if all glitter went on chunky – maybe I would be OK – but since I know glitter polishes can be smooth – to me there is no excuse for this.

Here I put a top coat of Nubar Diamont to see if it could even it out a bit and put some shine to the polish. I have to say even with the bad formula I am really liking the effect.

But I couldn’t leave it alone – even though I was liking it – it just wasn’t quite as blingy as I thought it would be. So I added a layer of Out the Door Northern Lights. Now we are talking! I am loving the blingyness. I will keep this on for a day or two – but I am thinking this one is getting relegated to becoming a pedicure color. I am so not looking forward to the removal of this color!

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