American Apparel Dynasty vs Color Club Uptown Girl

I was originally going to save this comparison to post tomorrow – but I felt like posting it today – so you get to see it a day early. It is rumored that American Apparel is manufactured by the Forsythe Group which is the creator for Color Club. Well I am finding some strong evidence. I have seen a few dupes so far. The sad part for me is that in order to prove that they are dupes I have to buy both polishes. The good thing is that you don’t have to! Color Club polishes come in at 1/2 the cost of the American Apparel polishes. So this comes out to a decent savings. I know some people will still prefer the American Apparel over the Color Club because of the brand name on the bottle, the size or shape of the bottle or the brush – but believe me color and formula on these two is exactly the same!

Side by Side Color Club Uptown Girl and American Apparel Dynasty

I have to say that I fell in love with American Apparel Dynasty. This instantly went in the favorite category. Imagine my surprise (not really) when I picked up Color Clubs Rebel Debutante collection to see a dupe for my beloved AA polish? Why does this keep happening?

Here it is on my hands. I have Color Club on two my index and ring finger and American Apparel on the middle and pinky finger. Or at least if I remember correctly that is the order. I usually write it down and for some reason this time I didn’t. But I usually photograph the bottles with the far left bottle being the index finger in case something like this happens. I know, I know – I should write it down. But I don’t so this is my best guess. Either way there is no difference in the color – so it really doesn’t matter in this situation. I could have worn this out and never known the difference!

Here are close up of the two colors. They were taken in a bit different lighting so one looks darker than the other – but in person these are exact dupes for one another. American Apparel is on the left and Color Club is on the right. 

Hope you enjoyed the comparison!
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