Time to Spread Some Gossip!

There are some really great teal polishes out there right now. I have purchased so many of these teals lately, that I am beginning to wonder if this is a new favorite color, that I just haven’t admitted to yet. The problem is that I can rarely wear one for more than a day before I feel ridiculous. So while I love the color – I just feel…well frankly too old to be sporting such a funky color! I bet that just 10 years ago someone my age would have felt silly wearing a dark almost black color – and now that has become a staple for many women, so I know I should just get over this feeling and wear the teals if they make me happy. Right? But so far these fun funky colors have been relegated to weekend wear. How do you guys all feel about the teals? If you are older do you wear these bright colors? If you are younger, what do you think when you see someone older wearing these colors? I am going to reveal my age here – I am 35. Yup 35 – so I still feel rather young, but am certainly not a spring chicken either. 

OK – so now on to the polish. This is Color Club Gossip Column! OMG! Is this not the perfect teal? I LOVE this one! It is smooth and opaque in two coats and the application is perfect. This is without a topcoat too! LOVE!!! So just for the weekend? Or should this gorgeous blue work it’s way into the week?

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