There is Always Hope and Ghosts?

Today’s post may be a little sad or sensitive for some. I warn you now in case you just want to skip down to the NOTD photo. 

We moved here in August of 2008. My oldest daughter was entering 7th grade. She was going from a school where there were only 8 kids in her 6th grade class, all of which who were girls to a school that co-mingled the middle school children with the high school children. and there were more 7th graders than there were students in the entire school that she previously attended. I was scared to let her go – she couldn’t wait to spread her wings. On that first day of school a young girl took her under her wings and introduced her to her friends and showed her the ropes. Over her 7th grade year as my daughter got to know this girl, she would sometimes come home completely frustrated by her. This nice sweet girl had another side. She was a cutter. She talked about suicide, my daughter was concerned. At my insistence, she went to a counselor at school and she tried talking to her friend. Shortly there after her friend left school. No one heard from her except for through occasional phone calls and Facebook. 

This young girl was coming back to school for the 8th grade year. Mh daughter and her friends were excited she was back. She never showed up on that first day of school though. Rumors started swirling around school that she had committed suicide. My daughter came home and told me about the rumor and she was concerned. Her mother wouldn’t answer the phone so there were no answers until my daughter checked her Facebook. In the middle of the night her friend posted her suicide note on Facebook and then hung herself. This was so hard to watch my daughter go through. Her and her friends had to deal with the ugly side of life at such a young age. 

Come to find out this young girl was suffering from depression, the mother had tried to get her help and they were positive that she was getting better. Only unfortunately she wasn’t. Why am I writing about this nearly 8 months after it happened? Well today would have been that young girls birthday. My daughter and her friends have gotten together and decided that they are going to go to the park where their friends memorial was held and share their memories about their friend and release some balloons for her birthday. It is going to be a long tough day and all these emotions will be brought back to the surface for my daughter and her friends. 

I know this is a long and sad post, and I went back and forth on sharing this, but I feel it is important. Today’s youth have so many things to worry about and the threat of suicide is very real. If you or someone you know is depressed or thinking or talking about suicide, there is hope. There is always hope. You can get help.  Visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline for more information and where you can go for help.

Switching gears a little bit. At about 1:30 this morning my daughter and her friend were writing a poem that they plan on reading today at her friends birthday memorial. After they were done they decided they would watch TV until they fell asleep. At about 2:30 this morning one of the glass decorations on my table exploded! Is her friend here in spirit or is this just coincidence? 

The young girl’s favorite color was green, so today’s manicure is for her. This is ULTA Salon Formula in Into the Limelight. This is a very vivid metallic lime green. I couldn’t quite capture the vividness of this nail. It is this color just more vivid if that makes sense. While I can rarely pull off colors like this one – I really like this one. I think with the mix of gold undertones, I  may be able to wear this one.

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