Mellow Monday

It is rainy here and I am exhausted. We had an amazing time Saturday night with our friends celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, and yesterday was clean up day, errands day, blog swatching and photo day, take the kids to the park day and anything else you can manage to do so you do not nap so you won’t be up all night day. Well I managed to go nap free yesterday, went to bed before 11 and all should have been good right? NOPE! We had a crazy thunderstorm come through that woke me up some time around 2 in the morning. My daughter had come into bed with me last night – which meant Juan had to sleep on the couch. Poor Juan. Well at 2am this thunder was so bad and so loud and the accompanying lightening was constant – that it felt like our house was smack in the middle of all the action. I was so scared – I grabbed my cell and went online to the news website to make sure there weren’t any tornado warnings. It was that bad! Lo and behold no warnings, just a watch until 7AM! UGH! I knew then I wasn’t going to get much sleep but I tried. I think I may have made it another 20 minutes or so before venturing downstairs and waking Juan up to come to bed with me. I “slept” squished in the middle between Juan and my youngest. Yup grown woman here – and I had to have Juan come protect me from the lightening and thunder! What a wimp! Needless to say I got very little sleep the rest of the night and I am exhausted!!! I think I ruined Juan’s night sleep with all my tossing and turning too. What a trooper! I hope I can somehow make it through the day. My head is pounding like there is a migraine just waiting to come through. My sinuses are acting up. I am not looking forward to going to work this morning feeling like this. But what is a girl to do?

Anyway on the bright side – I have some more Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polishes to show you today. I chose my neutral colors since  it’s Monday. There are a few neutrals that I still don’t have, but hopefully I will acquire them soon. For now here is what I have for you. I used the orchids Juan sent me for our anniversary for a back drop to these.

This is Plie. I absolutely love this color. It is truly opaque and not a true pink. It is just as you see here – almost nude in color with a hint of pink thrown in. I had to use a flash to capture the color accurately on this one. I think this one looks better on someone with pale skin, unfortunately it isn’t one I tried on my friend to compare. But I do tend to use this when I need to remain neutral but still want some color. I am not one for sheer neutrals.

This is Smitten. Can I just say I am completely smitten with Smitten! This is a very soft yet bright pink. It is not quite bubble gum pink, but it adds a bit of vividness to a neutral pink, yet somehow still remains neutral. I just feel so womanly wearing this pink. It is the perfect pink.

This is Lulu. This is close to Plie in the bottle, but completely different on. This one is almost white vs. nude to me with some pink thrown in. If you love the white trend and don’t think you can pull it off, this may be the color for you. Again this one is opaque in just one coat. I had to use two though, since I was too tired when I was swatching these, and couldn’t quite get all of them perfect in one coat. I have seen this one on those with pale skin and it looks completely different on them. It is not so noticeable. I have to admit – I hardly ever wear this one, but I it is still a beautiful color and perfect for someone who wants a standout color or is paler than I am.

The last one I have for you is Opaque Nude. This one was one of the discontinued colors, but I think it is one of the colors that is coming back. I am glad. I love this color. It is exactly what the name implies. Opaque Nude. Granted it isn’t a nude match for me – but I am sure it is for someone. This is just a soft neutral color that is always appropriate. You can’t go wrong with this one.

All in all I think Ji has the work appropriate shades down. Especially if you are like me and want your neutrals to be opaque. I know her line offers some sheer options as well, but I unfortunately do not have any. So what do you all think of these shades? Do you stick with neutral colors during the work week?

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                                         Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish – Surf Collection

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