Oh No He Didn’t!!!

A little over a year ago I took some pictures pin up style for my husband. Nothing too racy – because frankly that just isn’t my style, but still I thought they were cute and fun and hot. My Husband, who is in the military, was away for a year, so I took the best photo and had it enlarged and framed and sent it to him. When he returned home for a visit in the middle of his year away, I took a smaller version of the photo to a local tattoo shop and told the artist I would like something loosely based on that photo. I mean I don’t want my husband walking around with ME on his leg, BUT he had been asking me for a while if he could get a pin up cartoon version of me tattoo’d on him. After much thought, I figured, well at least it’s not my name he wants on him, so I guess that’s not a jinx, so if the tattoo doesn’t LOOK like me, but has the feel of me – then why not? This artist did a great job at re-creating the photo into a cartoon version of me.  I don’t think anyone would even think it was me if they saw it. Well unless I was standing there – since whenever any of our friends see it they immediately point out that my husband has a tattoo of me on his leg.

Juan’s tattoo

Cute right? My husband is friends with this artist on Facebook and I have since gotten two tattoos by him. He really is a great artist and his range is amazing. (Anyone looking for a great tattoo, he works out of Orlando – but from what I gather they are going on a Tattoo Tour across America where he will be doing tattoo’s at events across the U.S. Email me if you want his info.) ANYWAY, back to my story – so my husband sees that he added a new photo to his page and when he clicks it – this is what comes up:

Um really? At first I was like – hey that’s me! But he did change it up enough – so not really. But still kind of creepy right? I mean dark hair that curls at the bottom, Red outfit, Flower in the hair? Hey this guy could also have a wife who he wanted a pin up of – who knows. So while I know this isn’t someone else walking around with “me” on their body – it is kind of funny. Hey I’m a famous tattoo now! HA! 

OK so let’s get to why we’re really here and that is for Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polishes. Today I am featuring the blogger edition polishes. My first instinct is to write that these are three of my favorites, but I feel like I would just be continuously typing the same thing all week, so I will refrain. I tried to get photos of these in front of the respective bloggers page, but I couldn’t get color accurate photos. with the computer light behind the hands, so it is just plain photos today. But I did get pictures of these on my friend so you can see the difference of the colors on our different skin tones. 

This is Mismas. These pictures were both taken in direct sunlight. The picture on the left is of my friend’s hand. The one on the right is on me. It looks more vivid and dark on my friend, while on me it seems a bit lighter. It could be the way the sun is hitting us differently, but even in person it looked much more vivid on her. 

This is Orbis non Sufficit. Again my friend’s hand is on the left and I am on the right. This looked exactly like it does in the bottle on my friend. On me, it almost has a dusty quality to it. 

Last up is Scrangie. This one looked exactly the same on both of us. My friend is on the left and I am on the right. The blue shimmer on this one really comes out if you use two coats. 

Ok – so um – yeah – I will say it. These are some of my favorite colors! 

Tomorrow I feature my interview with Ji Baek! I am dying to post it! See you all tomorrow!

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