Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish – The Reds

I can’t believe how well the reception has been for Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish week! You guys are great. I have been having so much fun this week posting all my RBL polishes! I really enjoyed doing the interview as well. Of course this also has me itching to place another RBL order!!! I don’t own any from the glitter collection, so I want those and there are also a few others I am lemming too. I see an order in my near future – shhh don’t tell my husband. HA!

I attended an HR conference yesterday. These conferences are long days, and the information is always beneficial, but it does make for a long day. After attending a conference, I definitely enjoy a nice glass of wine and call it a day. I didn’t have any wine last night though, since my allergies are bugging me and I don’t want to mix the allergy meds with even one glass of wine, so how about some polish pictures with wine instead?

Film Noir (OK so Moet isn’t wine – but it is perfect for Film Noir!) This is an almost black with a hint of a deep burgundy red. I had to take this one with a flash in order to get the true color of this polish to come through in the picture. 

Killa Red. This is my favorite RBL red. I love the perfection of this color. I think it will look good on anyone. It is just a pure red.

This is Drifter. This is like a lighter version of Film Noir. I totally forgot that I had this color! How sad is that? This is such a great color when you want a dark color that isn’t too vampy. 

Cherry Love. This is a red with a hint of pink thrown in. It is very subtle as you can see. It is a great red. It is soft and not an in your face kind of red. I love it!

Do you have a favorite RBL Nail Polish red? I used to have Chinoise too and I gave it to someone. Booo I thought Oh I could just buy myself another one, no big deal. But I haven’t replaced it yet. Yet another one to add back to my Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish wish list. 
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