Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mamas Out There!

I haven’t swatched this weekend like I normally would. I did that Shrek marbling yesterday and I am still rocking it today. I plan on doing some swatching later on and possibly another water marble since I am really liking the look. But for now since it is Mother’s Day the family seems to think we need to do something today. My thought is that they need to do the housework and laundry and I get to just chill and read or something. Sounds nice right? But then again spending a few hours at the beach with the family sounds nice too. Hmmm…. What to do…. Either way it isn’t swatching right now apparently, so I am going to share a few misc pictures that I haven’t posted yet. Sound fair? Hope you all enjoy today and remember those who are mother’s in your life. Take care!
Color Club Gossip Column
Rimmel 660 Climax

Charlotte Russe – Un-named polish
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