Do My Nails Match My Outfit?

OK – here we go mixing a bit of fashion into my nail blog. When I post an outfit – I am going to call the segment:”Do My Nails Match My Outfit?” You will be left to decide.

A few things I feel the need to say first though:
1. – I love fashion  – however, you will hardly ever see me with anything that is designer. I have very few designer pieces – I can count them on one hand, a purse, a wallet, and um yeah I am pretty sure that is it. I live in the real world where most people don’t own designer items. Or maybe that is just the real world I live in. I would love to say even if I had the money, I still wouldn’t spend that kind of money on fashion, but since I am not in that place, I can’t say what I would do. I do try to mix my love of fashion and make it affordable. Spending $100 on a pair of shoes is spending a lot of money to me. I prefer to find sales and shop at places like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx where I can get great stuff a bit cheaper. So you most likely won’t see any designer items when I do decide to showcase some of my fashion, unless of course those brands miraculously decide they want to start sending me those designer items to my humble little blog of course! If you do live in a designer world – can I please live in your closet?

2. My husband is my photographer and he is by no means a fashion photographer. I sprung this on him when he walked in the door tonight and most of the pictures in my opinion came out horrible. So I need to show him what some real fashion bloggers do so that I can hopefully get better pictures in the future. With that being said – he is a great photographer, just not into the whole fashion thing. And I was very awkward, not having a clue what I was doing. So it isn’t really his fault that the pictures came out terrible, at least not according to the faces I was making while being photographed. He kept telling me – relax, let go. Easy for him to say! He was behind the camera!

Finally – while I love fashion, my style tends to be a bit more classic with a bit of a fashion forward twist. So you probably won’t find anything totally outrageous in my outfit posts.

So with all that being said – I will post these every so often. I won’t commit to saying more than every so often because it really will depend on your feedback. If feedback is great and it seems you guys want more of this, then I will continue doing more. But if the overall feedback is get back to doing nails, then I will continue to focus on that. Sound good?

So here we go. This was my outfit of the day yesterday. This is what I wore to work.


Details: I got the shirt at Rave for $14.99. I don’t normally shop at this store, but my daughter wanted to go in, and I saw this and thought is was cute. The pants are Express Skinny Editor pants. I got these at Ross for $16.99. The necklace and ring I got at Charlotte Russe. I grabbed the ring on clearance for .99 and I can’t remember how much the necklace was, maybe $8.99? Sunglasses are Kenneth Cole and I think I paid maybe $15 for them at Marshall’s. I have had them for a while now, so I can’t remember.To work I wore a pair of simple black peep toe pumps, but since we were taking the dogs for a walk, I threw on a pair of sandals.

And here is the manicure that went with the outfit – Milani Dot Com:



So what do you think? Do my nails match my outfit? 🙂

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