Oh CND – You Stole My Heart

I had a few of the old CND polishes which were fine, but nothing I would call special, then I decided I wanted to give these new CND’s a try. Let me just say – I couldn’t believe how great this polish is now! It was a little on the thick side, but not so much that it wasn’t workable or to really affect my opinion on the polish. It covered in one coat and after I did all ten nails and took some pictures – the polish dried. The polish is affordable too – which makes it even a bigger success in my opinion! I can’t tell you how much I am loving CND polishes now! I wish I tried the new ones sooner! I am already plotting my next order!

I tried CND Eclectic Purple

Look at this purple! It’s great! Did I mention this is one coat? Did I mention how fast it dries? Did I mention this is with OUT a top coat? Oh CND – what do I need to do to get the rest of the colors? I can’t wait to see how this polish wears. 

We all know I am a layering freak when it comes to polish – so I am sure you’re not surprised that I am going to tell you, that I layered over this! After all, if I am going to order some CND polishes, I very well couldn’t forgo the Effects polishes.

I layered CND Raspberry Sparkle over the Eclectic Purple. I could not capture the amazingness of this color on camera. It looks like this – only in person it also gives off amazing pink/purple shimmer as well. Regardless of the lighting I tried – I couldn’t get it to pick up this shimmer. 


I haven’t seen these featured on a lot of blogs – so I am wondering – have you tried these? If not what the heck are you waiting for? 🙂 

By the way I bought a few more with these, so you will be seeing those posts coming up in the near future. 

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