Iron Maiden

 It’s finally Friday – the weekend is just around the corner. I can not wait! I just want to chill for the weekend. I am suppose to be going out tonight and tomorrow night, but other than that – CHILLIN’ – that is what I plan on doing. Oh and a lot of swatching too. I have so much I need to catch up on. 

So why waste any time, let’s just get right to it. I can’t wait to show you this manicure. It is what CND calls the Iron Maiden. I thought this looked cool in their promo pictures, but I was not prepared for the amazingness of this one in person. According to CND the Iron Maiden is achieved by using CND Oil Slick with CND Jade Sparkle layered over the top. 

Unfortunately, I do not have Oil Slick. (Although after trying eclectic purple, I can guarantee you that on my next purchase – it will be mine!) So for my Iron Maiden I used the closest thing I have to black and that is Ulta’s Little Black Dress. This is a shimmery black with some blue shimmer running through it.

Here it is with Jade Sparkle layered over the top. Up close in pictures you notice the shimmer and micro flakes of this polish. In person it has a green metallic look to it – like what I imagine a Minx metallic green manicure would like.  It is the coolest looking effect!




Look at this up close! 

Oh and check out what Juan ordered for me for Mother’s Day! Since I am rocking it today – I figured I would share.
This is a Steampunk necklace from London Particulars on Etsy. I layered it here with a few other silver chains. I love how it is still so delicate looking. There are a lot of etailers on Etsy that sell this style necklace, but London Particulars has a great selection and price. The quality is amazing as well. I was so glad to see that when it arrived, since it is hard to tell from looking at it online. They have a few other pieces I noticed on their site that I have my eye on now. And they also have these cool engineered photos on their site. I would love one of these too – I really have to do some planning here or my wallet will be crying. (I just noticed this picture shows the metallic look of the manicure. )
Here is a close up
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