Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure vs. NFU – Oh 41

As another work week begins, I figured I would brighten your Monday and show you a comparison of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure vs. NFU – Oh 41. I received the coveted Hidden Treasure in a swap, so I did not have to go all over town trying to hunt one down. Lucky me! We have all seen these gorgeous flakey polishes over black, but I wasn’t feeling like dealing with the huge pain of removing black polish, so I chose OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. I am loving the effects of these flakie polishes over blue. Mesmerizing!

SH Hidden Treasure is on the Index and Ring Finger. NFU-Oh 41 is on the middle finger and pinky. As you can see they are both quite similar. But if you look closely 41 has added shimmer to the flakey polish. Hidden Treasure also has a bit more flakiness. 

Both are quite impressive in their own regards. If you hate the added shimmer, go for Hidden Treasure. If you think the added shimmer is what makes this, then you need 41. 

Here’s a close up of the two.  SH Hidden Treasure  on the left, NFU-Oh 41 on the right.
I know there are other flakies out there now including the Nubar 2010, but I haven’t seen these others in person, so I can’t comment. But hopefully this comparison helps some of you who can’t find Hidden Treasure and are looking for a substitute. Hope you all have a happy Monday!

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