Do My Nails Match My Outfit?

I have another outfit for you guys today. A friend of mine had her Birthday party at a local restaurant last Friday night and since I was getting all dolled up – I figured I would use this one as a feature in my new “Do My Nails Match My Outfit” posts that I am going to occasionally throw in here. I might need to think of a better name for these posts though, because I realize that most of my “going out” outfits are in the black color family. Either that or I need to add some color to my wardrobe. If you have an idea of what I could call it when I feature fashion and nails, let me know. You just may get to name it for me! 

One of the pictures is hilarious! It just so happens that it shows the outfit the best, but my face looks like I am going to kill someone. See, this is what happens when I pretend I am a model – I look murderous! I crack up every time I see it. So now here it is for all of you to crack up with me. It didn’t help that we were running late and took all these pictures in about five minutes!

Does it get any angrier? This is too funny to me! Ok, Ok stop laughing. Well Ok – you can keep laughing, but here are the details to read while you laugh. This outfit is pretty much entirely from Charlotte Russe – even though I got all the pieces at different times. The top is a sheer top from Charlotte Russe and it retailed for about $20. I had to get a black bandeau top to go underneath it which I grabbed at a store called Body Central for $7. The shorts and wedge sandals are both from Charlotte Russe and I paid $20 for the shorts and I think $25 for the sandals. The belt is the most expensive item, I grabbed it at Express and I think I paid $30 for it. The earrings and the bracelet are also from Charlotte Russe and they usually retail their accessories for 2 for $8.  The ring which you will see a close up in an upcoming photo is my daughters. We got it for her at Aldo’s for Christmas last year. She just had to have it. I think it was $25. And gasp…. I am wearing matching tips and toes!!! I am wearing OPI On Collins Ave.
Juan & I getting all artistic with the photo taking.
A better view of the wedge sandals
A close up of the ring and my nails. How cool is this ring? The clutch I grabbed at target for $10

Juan and me at the end of the night. Isn’t he a hottie? Me however – what is with the tan lines! I wear sunblock – so what the heck?!?
OPI On Collins Ave
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