It’s Time For a Revvvolution…

Yay it’s Friday! I am actually off work today, so I am in a super good mood. I love having a long weekend!  Unfortunately I don’t have any great plans. I did have some great plans for the weekend, but I have a prior commitment for tonight – which should still be fun and I will share more with you about it later. Then tomorrow night my daughters are having their end of the year bash. Today is the last day of school before summer vacation for them. So they are each having a few friends spend the night tomorrow night. So my house will be packed with about 15 11 – 15 year olds. Should be fun! For them! My husband is going to set up the PA system so they can dance and sing. I am sure the polish will come out some time in the evening with me doing the girls nails. I bet I will be exhausted come Sunday. So if you don’t see a post from me on Saturday, you know why! HA! 

I recently purchased Color Club Revvvolution. The photos I have seen have made this one look so amazing. I have to say mine did not turn out so amazing! What’s up with that? I may have to give this one another try – what do you think?

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