Some More CND Love

Ok – I just have to say – I am in LOVE with the CND polishes. Have I said that already before? I think I may have even found a new favorite polish color. While most of you may have a blue or green or even a purple as your favorite color, mine is a nude. CND Dessert Suede to be exact. I think this one may even edge out RBL Grunge. I am tossed up between the two. This one is just amazing. This one wasn’t a one coater like Eclectic Purple. But in two coats it was perfect!

This color is the perfect nude for me! I love it! After swatching I put this one back on and have been wearing it all week. Not so much as any tip wear with this one!

Of course for the purpose of swatching, I added a layer if CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer to this one.

This gave it a cool blue shimmer effect. But I think I was feeling the creme alone, since I didn’t bother adding this one to my manicure after all the swatching I did. Which way would you wear it, with or without the effects?
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