A Break Today

Unnamed Charlotte Russe

I try to post everyday. I think I may have only missed a few days since I started this blog, then on Sunday I didn’t post and today I have nothing. Well I have something, I just got lazy and didn’t watermark it yet. I typically get everything ready the night before so I can post first thing in the morning when I get up before heading to work. Well I had the worst headache yesterday. Not quite a migraine, but close. It got better towards the evening, but it left me just exhausted. I can’t even explain it. I still have a bit of the headache today, it actually feels like it is getting worse again. Anyway last night I walked in the door and the family wanted to go to the beach. UGH! I never thought I would say I didn’t want to go to the beach – but I really did not want to go to the beach. I love the beach! I feel at home when I am on the beach, so for me not to want to go – you know it is bad. But I sucked it up and went. I wasn’t very productive – I tried to read, but I just couldn’t get into it. The waves were horrendous (unless your a surfer) so I was panicked just watching the kids and Juan play in the water. It was too cold for me to even contemplate getting in the water myself. It was in the low 80’s and for me to get in the water it has to be at least 90 degrees out. But in the end it was nice to be at the beach and I was glad I went. If only I had a pina colado with me….

Ginger & Liz Trance

When we got back home there were people from Juan’s work sitting outside our house. Now normally for anyone coming home and seeing your boss and co-workers sitting outside your house – that would probably be a bad thing. But in the military – that only means one thing (Well as long as your husband is home safe and not off in the middle east somewhere.) It means a promotion! My husband found out he will be making rank. The Air Force is weird. When you receive the announcement that you are being promoted, it doesn’t mean you will walk into the office the next day a higher rank. It just means they plan on promoting you and they will assign you a number and when your number comes up, you receive the promotion. So you know months in advance. But none the less, it is still great news to know that in a few (or several) months, he will put on rank, which of course for me just means a bigger paycheck and for him probably longer hours. But still good news! I am so proud of him. Unfortunately because of how I was feeling, I really didn’t show it last night. I was tired and out of it and in bed by 9. Poor guy. I will make it up to him this weekend for sure.

Color Club Wild at Heart
Since I didn’t get anything ready last night, I am just posting random polishes that I love. I figure it’s is ok to repost them right? So anyway – that is today’s post – just some random polishes I posted in the past, because I was bad and did not prepare last night and went to bed instead. Hope you enjoy my random spam.
Butter London Billy No Mates w/ Color Club Magic Attraction
OPI Jade is the New Black with Dazzle Me on top

I hope you all have a great day!

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