I Have My Own Domain Name

I am now officially http://www.r3daily.com!!! YAY! It may take a few days to get it all working properly, but you should automatically be redirected to the new domain if you use the blogspot address. Or you can just use the http://www.r3daily.com from now on! There will be more changes I am working on behind the scenes, but it may a be a bit longer before I can release that. I can’t wait!

However there are a few things I have learned and need your help with. Now that I am http://www.r3daily.com/, you will need to put the new address into your blog reader of choice (i.e. google reader) to continue following the blog. My posts will no longer show up in your reader if you don’t. Hopefully you love reading my blog so much that you will make this change. 🙂

Next if you have my blog in your blog roll, you will have to update the address to http://www.r3daily.com/ – otherwise my blog won’t show up in your blog roll. If you don’t have me in your blog roll – 😦

And the last thing I ask is if you have a blog and follow me, please leave a comment with your blog address. I didn’t realize all the blogs I follow would be removed from my blog roll and I lost you all! NOOOO! I am too lazy to put anyone in my reader, so I just log into my blog and read from there. So if you leave a comment with your blog address, I will update my blog roll this weekend.

(The reason you all see this now is because I posted this under the r3daily.blogspot.com when I realized you can’t see me in your reader or blogroll  and then switched back over)

Ok – one last thing for real now – the rest of you that follow my blog – thank you! But would you mind leaving a comment letting me know you saw today’s post OK so I know it is working? Thank you!

This is Color Club Rule Breaker. This is a tealish green color with lots of shimmer. This was two coats. Application on this one was pretty standard for what you would expect from Color Club. Smooth application, no issues. I can’t believe I am going to say this – but there is nothing really special about this color. It is similar to Nubar Earth, just not quite as stunning. 
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