Another Outfit of the Day

A group of us went out this weekend to watch Sex and the City 2 followed by martini’s. So of course I had to do an outfit of the day for this one. I did feel a bit awkward walking into the movies looking like this, so I kept the accessories toned down. But imagine seeing a group of girls dressed like this hitting the movies? Even I would have stared.

I got this black Romper at Marshall’s for $20. I cropped myself out of a group shot so you can see a close up of the top of it. (Standing in front of the mirror at the Martini bar makes it look like I am wearing a graduation cap! HA!) I grabbed the belt at Marshall’s on the same day for $10. The wedge sandals are the ones I showed you a few weeks ago from Charlotte Russe and the earrings I forgot to get a close up of so I had to crop another group shot. They are 3 white crystal stones suspended between hanging silver  strands. I really love these earrings. I’ve had them for years and have no idea where I got them. Oh and the sunburn – courtesy of my lack of re-applying sunblock at the beach that afternoon. I am so mad at myself for that. The time just slipped by us and I forgot to re-apply. I need to set the alarm on my phone next time. I don’t want to wrinkle young and I certainly don’t want to risk skin cancer. Bad! Bad! Bad! 

For my nails I started with Milani in My Network which I showed here. Then I added Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond on top. It was PERFECT! I loved it! It made the perfect manicure for the evening! What a great combo! Too bad you can’t see the holographic effects of this at night – but it looked amazing on Sunday at the pool. (Yup still went out in the sun after getting that burn – More sunblock and stayed under the umbrella this time.)
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