Tons of Swatching Coming Your Way Soon

I have so much new polish right now it is like polish overload! First I received a box of goodies from Konadomania then my Zoya Exchange! Konadomania and I did a swap – some US Brands for some UK brands. We agreed to 8 polishes and any extras we wanted to throw in. Well let me just say I feel like I did not send enough for what I received. Look at all the goodies!

Then came my 15 polishes from the Zoya Exchange (crappy cell pic warning)
Apparently I was in a purple mood when I ordered my Zoya’s – only one blue and NO greens! Weird huh?

Plus I have a few other things to show you as well. Did I mention I did a cheesy rainbow mani last night while watching the glee season finale? I tried it on one hand, I was so tired, it was not my best work – I took pics anyway and I will show those to you soon.
But today I take a break from showing you a swatched picture or anything else and I give you the anticipation of things to come. Hope you all have a great day!
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