Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I mentioned yesterday that I was messing around while watching the Glee season finale. I did a rainbow manicure on one hand. I was a bit tired – OK I was EXTREMELY tired, but either way I was watching Glee. And I needed to do something if I was going to stay awake and “watch” it. I DVR’d it and I wasn’t home when it aired, so I could have waited a day to watch it, but no – I turn Glee on just after 10PM. Now I know that isn’t late, but I wake up super early for work and I am an 8 hours of sleep kind of person, so 10ish is my bedtime if I have to work the next day. It should be 9, but I am usually just settling down from the day at that time. Actually, I usually get in bed around 11ish when my goal is 10! HA! 

Anyway My lines aren’t that great so I added some glitter polish to distract. 🙂 These are a bunch of no name polishes that were my daughters – so unfortunately no info on the colors. Well, except the yellow that is Essence Sun Catcher. My kids really loved this manicure. But I couldn’t bring myself to doing the other hand, so I took some pictures and then removed it.

Oh and can you tell I need to seriously give myself a mani? My nail shape isn’t consistent on my nails! I knew I needed  to file down and I know I have been lazy – but boy does this highlight my need of a manicure!!!

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