Claire’s Salon Nail Foils

I was at the mall a few weeks ago and came across these:

It seems with the popularity of Minx, everyone’s going to get in on the act. Sephora by OPI has recently announced their version of nail foils as well. Of course a good search online also brings up a few more similar options as well. 

I decided I would try out one of the home versions and see how they fared. Claire’s had 4 designs, stars, cheetah, stripes and the ones I grabbed. They were not to hard to apply – but I realized some things that I would do a bit differently the next time. You size them to your nails and trim them up if you need to and then stretch them over your natural nails while smoothing them out. Then you file off the edge. To remove you can either soak them in warm water or heat them with a blow dryer and peel them off. As someone who loves taking hot baths – this is definitely a low for me. This means until they either start coming off or I remove them, I can’t take a bath. (how bad does that sound! Obviously I will still be showering.)

Anyway here is the end result:
see my broken middle finger? BOOOO!!! 😦

Amazing what a camera picks up and the naked eye doesn’t! My cuticles do not look this bad in real life. I also saw there was a little more filing to go and my thumb is a mess. Well the thumb I could tell. I got better after that one.  I think this might take me another application to master. But I will wait to see how long these last before I consider getting another set. 

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