Let’s Get Back to the Polish

It has been an interesting week. My kids are on summer break and with the worry of the oil spill reaching our beaches, my daughters have decided we need to enjoy them every day that we can. We found out that our middle daughter is a bit of an environmentalist. She is so worried about the animals and the potential damage to our beaches. She has been a vegetarian for over two years now and does not wear anything where an animal was killed or harmed. So the concern for the animals being harmed was huge for her. We tried to find out what she(we) could do to help. Unfortunately they are only accepting volunteers that are 18 or older. She’s 12. We did however find out that they are accepting hair to make mats to try to clean up the oil. She decided she would start collecting hair. As gross as this sounded, I went with it. Unfortunately right now all the warehouses are full and they can not accept more hair. We will be notified when they need more and she will collect hair then. In the meantime we are just enjoying our beaches while we have them. Hopefully the damage won’t reach our beaches. We can only pray. So today will make the 8th day in a row that we hit the beach. We are going through sunscreen like crazy! We bought two more bottles last night and already emptied one of them. Hey we are a family of five after all! I can’t imagine the thought of losing our beaches. It is such a sad thought. Let’s hope they get this thing under control soon!

Anyway let’s get back to polish. It feels like I haven’t shown any polish pictures in a while, so let’s get back to it today. I did a lot of my swatching before cutting my nails down due to the break.

As you all know, I received some great polishes from Konadomania. One of my favorites was Catrice 170 I Scream Peach! This polish applied smoothly and covered fully in two coats. The color is just what you would imagine with that name. It is a loud peach color, not just another pastel. Absolutely beautiful!

Oh and I feel like I need to mention, there was no clean up with the swatches you will be seeing over the next week or two. My clean up brush saw it’s last clean up and I was swatching without it. Since all this swatching I did get a new brush at Michael’s unfortunately you get to see my natural skills for the next several posts. 

Catrice 170 I Scream Peach!


What can I say? This is beautiful. It has made it on my list of favorites.

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