No More War or Diarrhea Do Do?

I received RBL’s No More War in the mail yesterday. As I opened the package, my 10 yr old daughter exclaimed “What’s that one called? Diarrhea do do?” I couldn’t stop laughing! Talk about saying the first thing that comes to your head. I know this color is a love it or hate it color – but um, really? I debated on sharing her sentiments, and in the end decided, it was just too funny not to share.

Now let me just say the first time around, I passed on this one. I just wasn’t sure that this was one I could pull off. But then when it sold out – I was bummed that I would never know. So when it came back, I decided to order it. I can’t say I was excitedly waiting the color. More than anything I was curious. So yup, I spent $25.50(includes shipping charge) to cure my curiosity! Crazy right? 

At first I wasn’t sure what I felt. My first reaction was “yuck!” then after applying it and letting it dry, I thought “Hmmm, I kind of like this.” Then I started looking through my Bazaar magazine and while flipping through the pages, I thought, “Wow I am REALLY liking this. It is so unique and different. And it is kind of edgy and cool.” and then I came to an article showcasing the upcoming fall fashions and many are army green and I thought – “Well heck – I just might be ahead of the trend for once!” Ha!

Direct Sunlight

This took two coats to be opaque. I was actually surprised by that. I was expecting the typical one coat coverage with this one. But it was actually quite streaky until I applied the second coat. Once I put the second coat on, it evened out and looked amazing. This is dry and without a topcoat. RBL delivered on top quality shine like you would expect.

Indirect Sunlight

                                                   Outside                                      Inside

But while I was really starting to dig this color, I just couldn’t get out of my head that this would look amazing with a special topcoat! I never leave well enough alone! But let me just say that I think I got it just right this time. I topped it with Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure. This combination is DIVINE! 
Look how it brings out the colors in Hidden Treasure! I think I just passed out! 

So what do you think? Are you one of the ones who loves No More War or are you in agreement with my daughter – it’s Diarrhea do do? What about with the addition of Hidden Treasure? Are you not dying yet?
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