You Guys Are Awesome and so is Zoya!

I just have to say that the comments I received yesterday were awesome! Here I am stressing, trying to figure out what to do and you all came up with some alternatives I didn’t even know were there. I think that is just amazing! This really is a community. I love that! I may just ask for your opinion more often now. Save myself some stress.

Today I am showing you the Zoya I kept on after all my swatching. It is Zoya Maria. I chose this one simply for the name since it is my name after all. It is a good thing I love nudes! This one did not dissappoint either!

These were taken in indirect evening sunlight. This color applied smoothly and I did three coats. I probably could have gotten away with two coats if I wasn’t taking a picture of it, but I knew the camera would somehow need that extra coat. Look how glossy it looks! This color is a nude with a hint of pink. I absolutely love it! Not to mention the name is perfect too! 😉 Zoya does it again!

By the way did you know Zoya has their own blog? They do! You can check it out here: They have up a sneak peak of one of the colors for their upcoming Fall 2010 Wicked Collection. The color they show is Cheryl and it is a “sparkly metallic warm brown”. You have to check out this polish! I don’t know that I can wait for them to release this collection! I am already dying for it just from this sneak peak! Oh Zoya – you are making my heart ache!

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