OPI You Don’t Know Jacques

I started my nails Friday night and by Sunday they still weren’t done. I just wasn’t feeling it this weekend. Hence no blog posts this weekend. I was just needing a break I guess. I am not seeing anything new that is capturing my attention at the moment. There are some polishes I would love to try, but spending the money on polish is just not something I feel like doing when I have so many polishes sitting in drawers. I am thinking of selling off some of my collection and then seeing what I feel like I might need. I thought about swapping some of it or maybe doing a combination of a sale and swap or something. In the meantime though a lot of magazines are starting to put a bit of the fall fashion collections in their July magazines and I was feeling the colors. (Can you believe it – summer is barely here and already the fall fashions are coming out!) Browns are going to be huge again this fall and I thought I would break one out that I haven’t shown here yet and haven’t worn in at least 6 months. I gave myself a good manicure too since my cuticles were really in bad shape. I mean I really neglected my hands for the last few days. On to the manicure.

I forgot how much I love this color. This applied perfectly in two coats for full coverage. The quality was great and easy to use. Would love to see more brown variety polishes from OPI in the future.

By the way tomorrow I go for my Shellac Pedicure! I can’t wait! It looks like my friend is getting a minx manicure – so I was thinking of adding either that or a shellac mani if the nail tech has the time. Let’s see what happens. I can’t wait for tomorrow evening. Maybe that will get me back in the nail mood.
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