How Time Flies!

I can’t believe the weekend is already over! I need another weekend to get everything done! I had such a great weekend though. I went to my friend’s baby shower on Saturday and then came home and had to get some things ready for Sunday, including making dough for home made doughnuts. Saturday night we took it easy and I just laid in bed and watched a chick flick. I can’t remember the last time I laid in bed watching a movie. It was so nice! I should try to do that more often! We watched “When in Rome”. Not the best movie, but it was cute enough. Then Sunday morning I got to get up and make the doughnuts with my daughter and they were delicious!

From there I got to continue preparing things in the kitchen for the day since my brother and his beautiful family were visiting us from out of town for the day. Once he arrived, I just couldn’t get enough of my adorable nephew and of course we all went to the beach and hung out for a while. While at the beach I got a “surfing” injury and I wasn’t even surfing! I was helping my daughter get an over 8ft surfboard in the water. She wanted me to get it passed the break for her. Well one break caused the board to come flying and whack me in my hip bone. I honestly thought I might have broken the bone for a second, but the pain subsided within a few hours. Then once we were in past the break, as my daughter was hoping on the board to get it out a little further and a wave broke a little early and the she flew off the board and the board got all mixed in the break and I got hit with the board! Lucky me right?
Once we got back home and they left my energy was gone! I had nothing left in me! So now I get to go home to all my weekend chores tonight! YAY!

In the meantime – how about another S-he nail polish? This one is #427 and it is a holographic pink! Someone asked where I got these. I received them in an international swap, unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., I don’t think we can get these here. So far the three I received I am loving though.  I’ll need to figure out a way to get more.

Isn’t this polish awesome? I won’t put it in my top favorites though, while it is cool enough, it just wasn’t well enough I guess. But it is still cool! Well on to the busy week ahead!

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