Eclipse Tonight

I have read the Twilight books and really enjoyed them. When I read them it was before all the hype. I had been reading Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and it was getting just a bit too graphic for my tastes, and a friend recommended Twilight. It took a while to get into the first book. I am talking like 200 pages before I could get into it. I have this problem where if I start a book, I have to finish it, regardless of how horrible it is. I am actually reading a book I despise right now, yet I am forcing myself to finish. Why do I torture myself like this? Anyway, I digress, after the first 200 pages, I really got into the book. But it was a bit “young” for me, but I still found myself enjoying it. I recommended it to my daughter and she seemed to enjoy it as well. I even got my husband to read it. After reading the series the buzz was starting to come around about a potential movie. When the movie came out I took my girls to see it. My oldest who had read the books, and is a teenager became an all out Team Edward fan. So when New Moon came out I took her and her friend to the midnight viewing. That was a pretty funny night, mixed with all the teen Twihard’s were women my age with their Team Edward & Team Jacob shirts. Even men! I guess for me it was funny since I am just not that into it. The next day I came to work exhausted! I promised myself no more midnight viewings. Well here we are again, Eclipse comes out tonight and I have my tickets for the midnight showing of Eclipse. I am bringing my daughter and 3 of her friends to see the movie. This time I am being smart though. I am taking the morning off from work so I can actually sleep after the movie and then I am working from home the rest of the day. How about you are you a Twihard? Are you planning on seeing the movie tonight or at all? Me personally? I am back to my Anita Blake series and a True Blood fan.

So for all you fans, whether it be Belle, Anita, Sookie or someone else, today’s NOTD is Ulta For Bitten. This color was easy to apply and I am loving the Gothic Collection. I swatched it over a month ago and didn’t like the pictures and just have not had time to redo the swatches. Overall the collection has some amazing colors for Fall. It applied smoothly in two coats and looks great!

This one was so hard to photograph. In these pictures it seems to lean brown, but in reality, the second picture with the flash shows the true beauty of this color. I love how dark and glittery this one is. I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of this collection! I’ll have to redo this one too.
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