Last Day to Sign Up for The Zoya Exchange!

If you haven’t already participated in the Zoya exchange your last chance to participate officially ends today. For those of you still trying to decide which polishes to pick, I wanted to show you a few more Zoya’s I love. I selected a lot of purples from the exchange, so why not show you three of the purple’s I received. 

First up is Malia. I have been wanting this one for a long time. I can’t tell you how many other purples I have bought in order to hopefully quench my desire for this polish. While I found some amazing polishes  in the process, I still had to get my hands on this purple. Every time I see it I want to change my manicure to this one. This is two coats.

Next up is Perrie. At first I thought this would be too close to Malia to justify getting, but as you can see this is not close at all. Perrie is from the 2010 Flash Summer collection. This purple definitely seems like a fun summery shade. This would be a perfect summer pedicure color. This is also two coats.

The last one I have for you today is Vegas Freeze. I couldn’t decide if I wanted this one or not. But I couldn’t get over how pretty it looked in the bottle. I knew this was a sheer polish, but I still had to try it out. I didn’t layer this over anything so you can see the true brilliance of this color. It is a very sheer light purple almost jelly base with this amazing purple sparkle. I am wearing 4 coats in these pictures.  I can imagine wearing this over a nude to get a true jelly look. I can’t wait to try it and see how it comes out.

Have you ordered from the Zoya exchange? What colors did you order? 
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