I Love Saturdays And a Shellac & Minx update

I love waking up before the rest of the house and starting a pot of coffee and then sitting back and catching up on all the blog posts I have missed. There are so many amazing nail blogs out there, that I can’t possibly read them all every day. So I enjoy my quiet Saturday mornings to go through the ones I missed and getting inspired before I do my own swatching for the week. I know a lot of people that enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, but I enjoy the early morning silence. aaahhhh….

Well unfortunately I have to cut my enjoyment off early today since I brought work home for the weekend. I know, I know, blah work! But hey it’s got to get done, and I feel like I can’t get it all done in the office. I probably could if I stayed late more often, but being a mom, that isn’t always an option, so I bring it home and do the work while everyone else sleeps. The joys of motherhood!

I wanted to post an update on Shellac & Minx. I hate to say it, but the Shellac made it 5 days on my hands! That is it! It started peeling on day 5. I noticed it peeling after my fun “surfing” incident I posted last week. So I am attributing it to that. My toes however are still looking perfect! I can’t believe how perfect. The Shellac is not budging and neither is the Minx! I put Solar Oil on nightly and it really looks like I just got the pedicure still. I think I am going to continue to use Shellac on my toes, and pass on my hands. Amazingly enough, I am testing a new polish right now(more details on it soon) and I have had this manicure on since Monday and it is not budging. No chipping or anything. I want to keep testing it, but I am dying to change it!  Chanel Paradoxal is just sitting there calling my name. I was going to change it last night, but then my family wanted to play cards and so I joined them instead of doing my nails. Maybe today. We’ll see.

Anyway here is my Shellac Manicure on Day 1

And here it is on Day 5

Removal was a piece of cake. I drenched my cuticles in Solar Oil and then I soaked a cotton ball in acetone and put it on my nail and then wrapped it in Aluminium Foil and waited 10 minutes. When I removed the foil the Shellac was in pieces and I just had to wipe it off. Amazing.

Here is a picture of my Minx & Shellac pedicure on Day 1 

And here it is today – a week and a half later (Sorry for the crappy phone pic on this one)

Isn’t it amazing how good this still looks? I have been to the beach so many times since getting this. I am so impressed. Just a bit disappointed in the manicure. I guess I will just have to give myself a really good manicure before going home for my brother’s wedding and hoping for the best. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

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