Outfit of the Day & Chanel Paradoxal







I am doing my post from my phone in the car, so hopefully the post comes out ok. My in-laws are in town and we are heading to St Augustine which is about 2 hours away. I didn’t have time to do the post before we left, so my awesome MIL offered to drive so I could do my post. How nice is that?

So today’s post will be somewhat short in terms of words since i’m typing on my phone. Nails are Chanel Paradoxal. Two coats. Love the color, but will wait til the Fall to wear again. Application was a bit thick and streaky, but after the second coat it was fine. The color definitely changes depending on lighting. My pics are indoors since it gives the truest depiction of the color. I am on day two of this mani & it has already chipped though. I am going to have to try different base/top coat combos which is frustrating for the price I paid for this polish.

The outfit of the day was my 4th of July outfit. I had intended on putting a red flower in my hair to make it red white & blue, but never got around to it. These pics were taken late at night & I had been wearing it since the morning. The shirt I got at Wal-mart on clearance for $1! The shorts are a must have in my opinion & I got them at Target for $17.99. I am debating on going back for the khaki ones. The necklace I have had for years and I may have paid $10 which is typical for me. The shoes I got at a beach store for $25 last year.

For my hair I did a messy & loose french braid horizontally across the back of my head & then I put it in a side ponytail. I then used those new Goodie Twists for the messy bun. Love these things. The directions say you don’t need a ponytail holder, but since I had the braid I used one. In the pic you can see the Goodie twist. Since I can’t see the back of my head I relyed on Juan to tell me if it was visable. He said it wasn’t & as you can see he was wrong.

I also included a pic of me with Juan. Hope you enjoy my phone post. I blame all spelling errors on my phone! Have a great day everyone! 

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