The Red Franken Project

I have been trying to create a red holo franken without much success. I wish I took a picture of the paper plate I have been using to franken. Basiclly what I do is mix my colors in a small batch and then apply the franken to a fake nail. If it looks good, then I proceed from there. I think I created at least 10 frankens trying to get this to work. It keeps coming up too pink. Then this weekend while on MUA, another blogger I love, Lextard mentioned the perfect dream polish would be a tomato red holo. Yeah join the club! But I was thinking red when I was creating – once I read tomato it hit me, I needed an orange red polish, not a straight red polish! DUH!

Since my Chanel Paradoxal chipped, after a long day out with the family, I decided to try again. The results are not as holographic as I would have hoped, but since it was so late I made enough to wear as my mani. I think I will try this again and just add more of the holographic polish I used to see what happens.

Right now this is a 50/50 mix of Zoya Maura and Sally Hansen holo in Diamond. Unfortunately the sun was not out, so the pics are not the best. Plus I was in a hurry when I painted last night and when I took the pictures this morning. You try frankening while your house is full of guests and you’re having fun and still need to do your blog before you leave for work in the morning! HA! So, what do you think, am I on the right track?

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