Are You Ready For Another Outfit of the Day Already?

I thought I would post another outfit of the day. This one isn’t all that great. But I haven’t had much time to do any swatching with my in-laws visiting. Maybe tonight I will be able to get to some of it. I really should have planned better.

On Monday we drove the two hours to one of my favorite places here in FL, St Augustine. My husband took a few candid shots of us and I cropped myself out of some of them. I am still wearing Chanel Paradoxal with this outfit. Talk about too much purple! I normally would wear a white or yellow top with these shorts, but because I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain, I wanted to wear a dark top. It is too matchy matchy for my taste though. And because the shirt is a cross between fitted and a little loose it just makes my shape less curvy looking. Definitely not my best look – but what the heck, I love the shorts and the sunglasses and my purse and the sandals. OK so I like everything except how much it all matches.


I am wearing two tank tops that I bought at Target for like $5 a piece. The shorts I got at Charlotte Russe for about $12 or $13. The Sunglasses are Michael Kors which I scored for $20 at Ross. I think I got the earrings at Claire’s but who knows. The purse is my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 which I think was like $560 when I got it. (Yes I do spend money on some things!) And my favorite part of the outfit are the sandals. They are rubber like flip flops and just as comfy, but they have some style. I got them at Old Navy for about $9 thanks to a military discount, but they still only retail for $9.50. I am thinking of getting these in a few other colors, since I love them so much. 

Not much in the way of nails for this post. But how about more pictures of Paradoxal instead? I know lame – but hey as soon as my in-laws leave I promise I will get back to posting some awesome nails pics! But so it isn’t the same old Paradoxal pics, here are some I took outside on a cloudy day. You could barely see the shimmer in these pictures at all. It also looks more grey with a hint of purple here. It did look like this in person too. 


Oh and one more thing, do any of you ladies know where I can score the top in the picture below? I saw this top and knew I had to have it. If someone comes up to me to ask me where I got something, I gladly let them know, but this girl did not seem so glad, she just said “Greenville, KY”. Not helpful at all I tell you.  But I made Juan take a picture so I can ask you girls. Maybe I will be lucky and one of you knows? Anyway I really want to find this top, so if any of you happen to know, I would totally owe you one! 🙂

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1 Response to Are You Ready For Another Outfit of the Day Already?

  1. kelliegonzo says:

    you are sooo gorgeous! and i love paradoxal the more i see it, gosh damn am i glad i bought it ❤

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