400 Followers! YAY!

I can’t believe I logged on last night to 400 followers! How amazing that feels! I just need 100 more to reach my goal of 500! Now how do I convince another 100 nail polish fans that they NEED to read my blog on top of all the other amazing nail blogs they read? hmmm… I can only imagine me calling each one up and convincing them that they should read my blog too! HA! I can’t believe I even have 400 amazing followers! You guys are awesome!

So I went back to Old Navy and grabbed the black and silver version of those cute sandals I wore in yesterdays outfit of the day post! So now I have all three colors! YAY!

 I am so excited! I also found a shirt with two rows of layers that comes close to the style of the yellow shirt I posted yesterday and it was on sale for $9.99. Except the one I got is in a beautiful coral color.  Here’s a picture of the shirt from the NY&CO website:

 I also got a great black leather belt for $2.99. (no pic of the belt, sorry) What great bargains though! 

Although admittedly I should not have bought anything since I just spent almost $600 on the iPad for my daughter’s 11th birthday present! Someone please shoot me now! Can you imagine receiving something like this for your 11th birthday? What parent spoils their kid like this? I mean honestly! Does it count if I justify it this way? I spend $300 on Birthday presents and $200 on party. Total $500. She is giving up all other gifts and the party to get the iPad. My mother is sending some money as well and we grabbed the case for it too (hence the almost $600) and we are calling it a joint gift. My daughter is aware of this and has agreed that this is what she wants. So does it seem like I am spoiling her any less? Nah – I didn’t think so either. I am such a sucker for my girls! HA! The sad thing is it may not get here in time for her birthday! Juan went to the Apple store to pick one up and they are sold out! Best Buy is also sold out. I thought I had plenty of time and in the end had to order it from Apple on line. Her Birthday is Sunday! My daughter said she doesn’t care if it doesn’t get here by Sunday – she’s just totally psyched she is getting one. How sweet.

Well in light of my big expenditure, I am obviously on a no buy for polish right now. Which is why with the exception of Paradoxal you haven’t seen many new colors from me lately. Do you know how hard it is to not get some of the new colors when they come out? Well I guess fortunately for me, I have trained my daughters to love polish as much as I do. My 14 year old came home yesterday with the OPI Summer Flutter Mini’s that she bought with her babysitting money. So since the in-laws are gone, I took some time to swatch the 4 mini’s. Today I bring you the ever so popular Catch Me in Your Net.  WOW! I mean I have seen the pictures, but nothing comes close to seeing this in person! It is stunning! It glimmers from blue to green depending on how the light hits it. Unfortunately it took 3 coats for full coverage on my short new nubbins. That was a little disappointing, but I forgot all about that once I saw the end results. 

Isn’t it gorgeous?! On a side note, My cuticles are a hot mess right now. I finished the Mango Mend I had and went back to CND cuticle oil, which usually works like magic on me. I wonder if my cuticles are adjusting to the change? Either way it is frustrating. Hopefully they get better in a few days. Hope you all have a great day!
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10 Responses to 400 Followers! YAY!

  1. Biba says:

    Congrats on 400 followers! :))

  2. Saori says:

    COngrats for your followers :)This OPI is very beautiful !!

  3. R3Beauty says:

    @Jamie K.Thanks! I just noticed you have a blog. Love the name of it! I am going to have to check it out!

  4. R3Beauty says:

    @sabbathaI am really liking this color too. I may have to break my no buy and get a full size bottle of this one. Love your blog name too. Off to check out yours and Jamie's blogs!

  5. Danielle says:

    congrats! i love your blog, i think its one of the few that I actually read fully and look forward to everyday! your posts are interesting and informative. Thanks for the great blog 🙂

  6. congrats! i'll be jumping in the air only when i reach the 200. lovely polishx

  7. R3Beauty says:

    @DanielleOh wow thanks! That means a lot!

  8. R3Beauty says:

    @you nailed it!You are so close to 200! Good luck!

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