What Are You Doing This Weekend?

I am dreaming of a weekend where I can just lay on the couch and watch TV and maybe surf the web, and just do NOTHING. But that just does not seem to be in the cards right now. It seems there is always something to do. Last night we started our weekend by taking the kids to see Grown Ups. I have to say this movie is wicked funny! You have to see it. It cracked me up. I loved seeing Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider together. They were the perfect cast. I am telling you, if you need something to do this weekend, go see this movie.

Today one of my husband’s friend’s is in town, so we are meeting them at the beach and then coming back to our place. Juan was stationed in Greenland with this guy. It is all good except, come on girls, the last thing any of us girls would want to do is meet someone’s wife at the beach! Are you kidding me? I have no idea what this girl looks like? I have given birth to 3 kids. My body looks great  – CLOTHED! But I by no means have a bikini body anymore. I guess if I looked like Gisele I wouldn’t mind meeting someone at the beach, but since I am not – ugh! 

Doesn’t that just make laying on the couch all day sound so much better? HA! I would say I could just lay on the couch tomorrow, but I have laundry to do, and truth be told I have some stuff to do for work too. Booo. Maybe next weekend? 

Well let’s get to the nails. Actually as I write this, two of my daughters are laying on the floor with about 20 bottles of polish frankening. They are mixing colors together and creating new colors. It is the cutest thing ever. Could that be cause the polish I am wearing today is one that I frankened? It is a slate blue/grey with the most subtle shimmer. I am loving it. Unfortunately for you guys, I don’t feel like getting the camera and taking a picture and downloading and water marking it and trying to remember what I mixed together. I know I suck! Maybe I will take a picture with my cell and tweet it. Does that sound fair? Cool – I’ll do that then.

Instead I am going to show you a color that I thought I was going to wear today until I decided to play around with my polish. This is Essie Pretty Edgy from the Summer Collection.  It is a true green. I thought the name was pretty funny, since this is a pretty edgy color for Essie. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this color, but I love it! It is the perfect summer beach color. Unfortunately like many other Essie polishes, this required 3 coats. But still gorgeous.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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5 Responses to What Are You Doing This Weekend?

  1. Michelle says:

    You're right, it is a perfect beach colour! I'm also loving it, when wearing it it makes me feel all happy. :o)

  2. jbrobeck says:

    we are so in sync! i just wore this one too. i have a not fun weekend. working today, then driving to Canton tomorrow to meet up with DH's family who are visiting Ohio from Minnesota. Just what I wanted to do on my day off, spending hours and hours in the car! I will stop whining now.

  3. R3Beauty says:

    @jbrobeckYou can keep whining – I'll whine with you since I don't want to hang out with a girl in a perfect bikini body. HA!

  4. R3Beauty says:

    @MichelleI agree it is such a happy color.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Looks great on you. I love how bold it is.

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