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Polishes For Sale

All of these polishes have been used. Most just for swatching on 4 fingers and never used again. Some are new and some have been used more. Unless otherwise disclosed assume they have been used just for swatching 1 time … Continue reading

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Last Day to Sign Up for The Zoya Exchange!

If you haven’t already participated in the Zoya exchange your last chance to participate officially ends today. For those of you still trying to decide which polishes to pick, I wanted to show you a few more Zoya’s I love. … Continue reading

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Eclipse Tonight

I have read the Twilight books and really enjoyed them. When I read them it was before all the hype. I had been reading Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and it was getting just a bit too graphic for … Continue reading

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How Time Flies!

I can’t believe the weekend is already over! I need another weekend to get everything done! I had such a great weekend though. I went to my friend’s baby shower on Saturday and then came home and had to get … Continue reading

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R3Daily is now on Facebook!

I created a page for my blog! YAY! I remember when I started this blog that I hoped that I would get to 250 followers by June. I created the blog as part of a bigger picture in my life. … Continue reading

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Best Excuses for Calling in Sick to Work

I have been in either a management position or human resource position for several years now and I have heard my share of stories for why people call in sick. It never ceases to amaze me. Did you know you … Continue reading

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CND Shellac Mani’s and Pedi’s and a Little Minx

So the day finally arrived! It was time for me to get my Shellac Pedicure. My friend and I went to the only “local” salon that offers CND Shellac or Minx. It is about a 30 minute drive for me, … Continue reading

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Les Contrastes de Chanel Fall 2010 Polishes & My Franken

I am apparently a little behind the curve with this one. Chanel has announced it’s Fall 2010 collection. Of course I am mainly interested in the polish. So I figured that is what I would show you. The polish colors … Continue reading

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My S-he Manicure

I can’t wait to finally get my Shellac Pedicure tonight! For sure I will be taking some pictures for you guys! The cool thing is I just looked through my swatch pictures and I have 15 photos of different colors. … Continue reading

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OPI You Don’t Know Jacques

I started my nails Friday night and by Sunday they still weren’t done. I just wasn’t feeling it this weekend. Hence no blog posts this weekend. I was just needing a break I guess. I am not seeing anything new … Continue reading

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